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Our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized care to individuals of all ages who are experiencing ear-related issues or hearing loss. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals, we offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs.

One such service that’s been receiving significant attention is ear wax removal in Solihull. It’s crucial to ensure our ears are clean and free from obstructions for optimal hearing. Those in Solihull have reported a noticeable improvement in their auditory experiences after undergoing safe and effective ear wax removal procedures from local specialists.

A blocked feeling in the ears is often caused by ear wax build up and can result in ear pain, blocked sensation, tinnitus, vertigo and disorientation amongst other symptoms.

At our clinic, we offer professional ear wax removal in Solihull. We will thoroughly investigate the cause behind your symptoms, especially when impacted ear wax is not found to be the cause of your hearing related symptoms.

Ear wax removal in Solihull has been designed to be comfortable, quick and painless. We also offer same day appointments. Come visit us to have your ear wax removal in Solihull today!

Hearing Aids IN SOLIHULL

We offer the latest digital hearing aids from all the manufacturers, in all the current designs and styles.


Microsuction in Solihull is the safest and easiest way to remove the wax from your ears. Book an appointment today.

Home Hearing Test IN SOLIHULL

We come to you in the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about how to get to a clinic, where to park or being able to travel.

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The Ear Health Experts

Free Hearing Test IN SOLIHULL

The initial consultation is always free of charge. All our appointments can be made to fit around you.

Hearing Accessories

A range of accessories are available to help you hear better on the telephone, whilst watching the television, to stream music and in background noise.

Home Visits

We come to you in the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about how to get to a clinic, where to park, not everyone can travel so we offer a complimentary home visit service.​


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Invisible Hearing Aids

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Rechargable Hearing Aids

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Digital Hearing Aids

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Why Choose Us?

At the Ear & Hearing Clinic, we believe everyone has the right to have the best hearing available and so we have made it our mission to find the most perfect solution for you.  The Ear & Hearing Clinic in Solihull was specifically set up to ensure every client has the best sound possible, combined with a bespoke treatment journey that is second to none, and that too from the comfort of your home.

Based in the West Midlands, we specialise in offering a nationwide, bespoke home visit service so you don’t need to travel out to us or wait around in busy waiting rooms – we come to you no matter where you are. Because we are completely independent, we offer all the leading brands, styles, manufacturers of hearing aids in Solihull, and so we can select the best product that suits “you”. Our appointments are designed to work around you, we can see you anytime including evenings and weekends.  Along with a free hearing consultation, 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime aftercare, you know you are getting the very best service from start to finish.


If you’re in the area and have been facing discomfort or hearing issues, it might be time to consider a professional ear wax removal in Solihull.

Learn To Hear Again

You don’t know how dark it is until you turn the light on!


To hear clearly is much more than choosing the right hearing aid.  Although you may only be beginning to notice the effects of your hearing loss, its likely your hearing has been deteriorating for quite some time.


As the deterioration will have been gradual, our brains compensate gradually too, and so we can’t simply reverse that process immediately by fitting a hearing aid alone. 


As part of your journey, your Audiologist will help to rehabilitate you to natural hearing again by gradually increasing the levels in your hearing system over time so you never feel overwhelmed and always in complete control.


At the Ear & Hearing Clinic, we work hard to help our patients and their families achieve a much improved quality of life through better hearing. We view all our patients as family members who deserve our highest level of service, care and attention at all times

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What Our Customers Say About Us...

From my first telephone contact leading to my first meeting with Attyyah, I can not praise the “Ear & Hearing Clinic’ enough. Attyyah spent as much time as was needed to test my hearing and discussing everything I wanted to know. So from being a little apprehensive at first, I felt that I had known Attyyah all my life. So professional all along the line. Wouldrecommend them 100%.

Roy Miller

Fantastic service in the comfort of your own home, very professional audiologists (especially Attyyah) I would highly recommend Ear & Hearing Clinic.

Mike Waddington

Had a home visit for micro suctioning for myself and my wife. Attyyah was brilliant and very professional. She did a great job and I can now hear perfectly. Thank you!

Amit Pankhania


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