Ear Wax Removal in solihull

Microsuction in Solihull is the safest way to remove debris from the ear canal for two main reasons;

1. The Audiologist can visualise the canal and the debris at all times using microscopic vision. This is unlike syringing or irrigation where the nurse has to switch between visualisation of the canal with a handheld otoscope and then use an irrigation instrument.

2. There is no use of water. Irrigation flushes the canal using water under controlled pressure. Any water hitting the drum during the treatment can cause pain. Microsuction in Solihull removes wax using a gentle vacuum device. The end of the suction tube is visible and controlled at all times and so the risk of trauma or perforation is greatly reduced when using this method.

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Blocked Ears

The canal can become blocked with wax, a foreign body (often the end of a cotton bud) or dry skin secondary to a skin condition. Microsuction will gently remove any of this debris leaving the canal clear and comfortable.
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You may have been informed by your GP that you have otitis exerna (an infection of the canal) and in all likelihood been prescribed eardrops. Microsuction in Solihull will remove infective debris enabling the treatment to successfully reach the canal lining enabling more effective recovery

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Cannot Tolerate Syringing/Irrigation

Over the years many clients have undergone both microsuction and syringing. The vast majority prefer microsuction in Solihull as it is quicker, more effective and thorough. It is a safer and easier to tolerate as there is no risk of water touching the drum.

Ear Wax Removal in solihull Pricing

Ear wax removal pricing starts from £40 for one ear and £50 for both ears.
Using the latest microsuction technique, our highly qualified Audiologists will be able to remove any ear wax and get you back to hearing better. Microsuction in Solihull is safe, effective and comfortable.


A blocked feeling in the ears is often caused by ear wax build up and can result in ear pain, blocked sensation, tinnitus, vertigo and disorientation amongst other symptoms.

At our clinic, we offer professional ear wax removal in Solihull. We will thoroughly investigate the cause behind your symptoms, especially when impacted ear wax is not found to be the cause of your hearing related symptoms.

Ear wax removal in Solihull has been designed to be comfortable, quick and painless. We also offer same day appointments. Come visit us to have your ear wax removal in Solihull today!


We recommend using olive oil ear drops 3-4 times a day, for 5 days prior to your ear wax removal appointment. Olive oil ear drops will soften the wax and loosen it away from the ear drum and ear canal walls. This allows ear wax removal to be painless.

N.B: Please do not use olive oil or any other types of drops in your ears if you have been told you have a perforated ear drum or ear infection.

Please fill in your details on the “Contact Us Form” to request an appointment and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively you can ring the clinic on 01217094319 and the Reception team can get you booked in immediately.

Hearing AidS IN SOLIHULL Prices:

We supply all makes and brands of hearing aids and thus have over 200 models of hearing aids within our portfolio.


  • Hearing aids come in various designs, styles and technology levels.
  • Choosing a hearing aid comes down to your prescription needs and how much you wish to spend on the technology available.
  • Your hearing prescription is determined by conducting a detailed and comprehensive hearing test.

We advise you start your hearing journey by booking in for a free hearing test in Solihull. Our expert Audiologists will explain each step of the appointment in detail and go through everything with you.

Prices of hearing aids in Solihull are dependent on the hearing aid technology and brand. Our prices for hearing aids start from £249.00.


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