Ear Wax Removal Microsuction Solihull

Welcome to our Ear & Hearing Clinic, where we specialize in gentle and effective ear wax removal microsuction in Solihull using the latest technique. If you're experiencing discomfort, blocked ears, or hearing-related issues, we're here to help.

Our highly qualified Audiologists provide safe and painless ear wax removal microsuction in Solihull, starting at just £40 for one ear and £50 for both ears. The preferred choice for many as it's quicker, more thorough, and doesn't involve the risk of water reaching the eardrum.

Prepare for your appointment by using olive oil ear drops for 5 days prior, ensuring a painless procedure. Our same-day appointments are convenient.

Experience relief from ear wax issues and get back to hearing better – contact us today!

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